Secure data exchange as a cloud service

Easy to use, secure, stable and flexible – these are the key attributes of PROSTEP's OpenDXM GlobalX software for professional managed file transfer (MFT). You can now take advantage of these attributes as a cloud service, regardless of time, location, language, file format AND your available IT infrastructure. You save yourself the cost of installing and maintaining hardware and software and are basically able to exchange data with your customers and suppliers easily and securely from the word go. In many cases even more securely than in your own data center: PROSTEP provides you with the data exchange platform as a service (SaaS) in a highly secure and highly available cloud infrastructure in Germany.

Over 80 percent of companies in Germany are already using applications from a private or public cloud. One in three companies is pursuing a cloud-only or cloud-first strategy. The triumph of the cloud is unstoppable, as bitkom's latest Cloud Monitor shows. Up until now, the cloud has been used primarily by larger companies, but it is also an interesting option for SMEs with limited IT resources. The following are the main reasons for using OpenDXM GlobalX as a SaaS model:

Immediate use

You can use OpenDXM GlobalX as an SaaS solution immediately with no installation effort and integrate your global locations in  data exchange operations more quickly.

Certifiably secure

The solution meets all requirements according to ISO 27001, TISAX and GDPR. It offers the highest level of data security and the best possible protection against cyber attacks.


You save the costs of purchasing and maintaining hardware and software, operating the solution, and you also require fewer trained IT staff.

Highly available

The cloud service can be accessed worldwide at all times and is subject to continuous monitoring to ensure maximum availability and performance.

Easily scalable

The SaaS solution offers maximum flexibility with a relatively small investment. It is very easy to scale up or down as the number of users increases or decreases.

All inclusive

Maintenance, support and updates are included in the price of the SaaS offering. If required, you can also outsource all administrative tasks to PROSTEP.

Key functions

Cloud options

The customer can use OpenDXM GlobalX either as its own SaaS instance or as a single-tenant or multi-tenant application in a private cloud.

Corporate branding

In both cases, customer-specific branding of the user interface with your own logo, start screen and URL is possible.

Multilingual capability

The web-based user interface has been optimized with an eye to use in the cloud and supports multiple languages, including Japanese and Chinese.

PLM integration

The single-tenant solution can be integrated seamlessly in on-premise PDM/PLM systems, which means that data can be directly sent to and/or received directly from the work environment.


As a single-tenant solution, OpenDXM GlobalX supports options such as automated data transfer via OFTP/ENGDAT, which is very popular in the automotive industry.

E-mail integration

With the help of MS Windows integrations, users can also send and receive their data directly via Outlook or Windows Explorer.

Multilevel encryption

The individual files are encrypted both during storage and during transfer and can in addition be secured using personal keys.

Rights management

Rights and role management permits precise control of file accesses and administration rights. Users can be identified using a company’s own user administration facility or an external AP/LDAP solution.


All these methods can be combined with TOTP-based two-factor authentication, which means that OpenDXM GlobalX in the cloud also satisfies strict security requirements according to TISAX.

CAD data conversion

Both checking and converting CAD files can be automated with the help of OpenDXM GlobalX. Our additional service ensures the quality of the converted data and adaptation of CAD models in line with OEM requirements.

Remote FileVault

The SaaS solution supports distributed data storage at different cloud locations or in a multi-cloud infrastructure.


Fully-automated data exchange operations performed by data transfer robots.

References and use cases

Valeo Siemens eAutomotive manufactures high-voltage components and systems for hybrid and electric vehicles from all leading OEMs. The joint venture between Valeo and Siemens, which was founded in 2016, also develops the software that ensures that electric motors, voltage transformers, charging units, etc., all work in perfect harmony and delivers efficient power management. When it comes to exchanging safety-critical software, carmakers and automotive suppliers impose stringent security requirements. At the same time, they need to be able to integrate new partners flexibly in the exchange processes. This is why Valeo Siemens eAutomotive is using PROSTEP's secure data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX as a service from the cloud.

Adient Aerospace is a renowned manufacturer of aircraft seats. The newly formed joint venture between aircraft seat manufacturer Adient and aircraft manufacturer The Boeing Company was faced the need to separate the PLM infrastructure from the parent companies and develop its own data exchange solution. The company opted for PROSTEP’s cloud-based SaaS model to ensure that they would be able to use the OpenDXM Global X data exchange platform quickly and without any procurement costs or installation effort. The time and effort required for commissioning was kept within reasonable limits. The solution was operational just one day after the order was received.

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